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"The first thing you notice, obviously, is Master McArther. I have a pretty good snap assessment of a person, and Master McArther was the real deal. It took me about 5 minutes to figure that out.This not one of the dreaded "black belt factories" you hear about, each belt is earned through hard work both inside and away from the Dojang."

Sean Cook

"...Master McArther is clear and patient when giving instruction, but also motivates students to push themselves. Martial arts, combined with a healthy diet change, has helped me to lose 50lbs. I've also found that my stamina, endurance, and flexibility have increased greatly. If you need to be more active, classes at McArther's Taekwondo & Fitness is a fun and excellent way to exercise."

Benjamin Asbeck

"...McArther's Taekwondo & Fitness is more than just taekwondo training, it is also a life skills building course. This has been one of the best things for my son Riley since the day he started taekwondo classes. From the 1st practice I knew that this was not just a martial arts school that "sells" belts. Not at all, this is a martial arts school that builds positive characteristics in each & every student & helps mold better martials arts parents as well. At McArther's Taekwondo & fitness students are required to behave respectfully inside & outside of the Dojang, maintain a certain GPA at school & are incouraged to get involved in their community. This mind set is instilled in every student with the core teaching values of Courtesy, Integrity, Perserverence, Self-Control & Indomitable Spirit. Mr. McArther is a top notch instructor that will do whatever it takes to help all students succeed. I have personally witnessed him do whatever it takes to help students be successful, including helping students resolves life conflicts outside of taekwondo & helping students bring their school grades up on his own personal time. My son has been a student at McArther's Taekwondo & Fitness for a few years now & he has been able to be very successful on a competitive martial arts level at tournaments & competitions due to the skills he has been taught. He has also been able to be very successful in life outside of taekwondo with other sports / activities & school due to the core teaching values he has learned. I very highly recommend McArther's Taekwondo & Fitness to anyone interested in martial arts or getting involved in a positive activity to help build physical & mental skills that will create success in competition & life."

Byron Edrington

"I can't say enough good things about Master McArther. He is a great leader, teacher and role model for my girls. I am always impressed with how well he handles the younger kids, providing kind but solid discipline..."

Chris Clayton

"...Master McArther has helped her athletically, but also with her self esteem. TKD is about so much more than punching and kicking. We are so happy we signed her up and she absolutely loves it! We highly recommend McArther's TKD & Fitness!"

The Cary Family

"Master McArther came highly recommended by several parents who have and had students attend his classes. We have been extremely pleased with him and his program. Master McArther holds his students to high standards and expects them to honor those standards not only at his studio, but at school and home. We recommend Master McArther to anyone who is looking to enter into martial arts!"

Douglas Devall

"Outstanding! My shy daughter has been attending for 2 years now, and LOVES it! Master McArther is extremely qualified in tae kwon do and koryo gumdo (sword skills), having won gold medals at the world games. Even better, though, Master McArther is a GREAT INSTRUCTOR! He breaks skills down so they are easily understood, gives lots of positive feedback, and holds high standards that students, families and he can take pride in. A very family-friendly environment, where students (from 5-65!) know they've not just paid and put in enough time to move up,' but that they've earned the belt they have. In addition, Master McArther encourages the honesty, integrity, perseverance, self-control, focus, etc. as skills that make a person successful in LIFE, not just in tkd. He is active with Character Council in the Collinsville Schools, provides support and demonstrations for Scouting events, and Relay for Life events. Master McArther talks the talk, AND walks the walk! Stop in for a visit during any lesson and talk to any of the parents observing. Very highly recommended!"

Cathy Juenger
Master McArther

Grandmaster Stephen McArther

With over 40 years experience in martial arts, Grandmaster McArther has enjoyed success on the local, regional and international levels. Some of his accomplishments and certifications include:

  • 8th Degree Black Belt USNTF Certified
  • 7th Degree Black Belt Kukkiwon Certified
  • 6th Degree Black Belt in Koyro Gumdo (WKGA Certified)
  • Kukkiwon Certified International Master Instructor
  • Chairman, World Koryo Gumdo Association
  • Recipient of Two Eagle Scout Mentor Awards
  • 2022 Special Training, USNTF Poomsae Camp
  • 2019 Special Training at Kukkiwon and TaekwondoWon, South Korea.
  • 2008 Recipient of Letter of Appreciation from World Haidong Gumdo Association
  • 2007 Recipient of Letter of Commendation from the Kukkiwon
  • 2007 "Black Belt of the Year" Inductee
  • 2006 Special Training at Kukkiwon, Seoul Korea
  • 2006 ICKO "Instructor of the Year" Recipient
  • 2004 World Games (Athens, Greece) 3 Gold Medals, 1 Silver Medal; Overall World Champion
  • 2004 Illinois State Hall of Fame Inductee
  • 2004 U.S. National Team Member
  • 2002 USNTF International Forms Grand Champion
  • 2002 Missouri Invitational Forms Grand Champion
  • Former Illinois and Indiana State Champion, Sparring
  • Member U.S. Elite Tae Kwon Do Team
  • 1988 Olympic Pre-Trials
  • 1986 Junior Olympic Gold Medalist, Sparring
  • Member, Kukkiwon Membership System (TCON)
  • USNTF Certified Continental Referee
  • Student of Grandmaster Duk Gun Kwon, 9th Dan Taekwondo
  • Student of Grandmaster Noh Hwa Lee, 7th Dan Haidong Gumdo
  • Chairman, Collinsville Community Character Task Force

The principles found in the martial arts can be an extremely powerful positive influence on a student's life. Grandmaster McArther has used the principles of Tae Kwon Do to excel in all area's of his life over the last 38 plus years. At Purdue University (received Bachelor's in Electrical Engineering), and continuing into his professional career in the technology field, Grandmaster McArther has and continues to use Tae Kwon Do to balance school, work, home and family responsibilities. Grandmaster McArther's current level of mastery makes him uniquely qualified to help students understand the importance of discipline, commitment, goal setting and the value of education.

In addition to instructing full time at his school, Grandmaster McArther volunteers his time to the public school system in support of Character Education. He provides Character Education lessons to school age children through examples in the martial arts. Grandmaster McArther is also the Chairman for the Character Community Task Force, where he works with local businesses and school officials to promote character development/awareness within the Collinsville Community. He is also very active with the Girl Scouts of America and other various organizations, regularly providing Self Defense seminars to groups of all ages.

Grandmaster McArther believes in giving back to the community and regularly has his school participate in and support the Relay for Life/American Cancer Society through fundraisers and martial art demonstrations.

In the News

Kicking his way to Athens - by Elizabeth Donald

Steve McArther started studying tae kwon do because he was afraid he'd get beaten up in high school.

He doesn't have to worry about that any more.

McArther has studied the martial art of tae kwon do for 21 years, achieving the level of master instructor. From the 13-year-old first learning to kick, he has become a fourth-degree black belt...(Full Story)

  • Gold Medal - Taekwondo Sparring
  • Gold Medal - Korean Forms (35+)
  • Gold Medal - Open Forms (35-45)
  • Silver Medal - Taekwondo Forms

Local Tae Kwon Do instructor wins gold at world competition.

Curtiss A. Hartley
Of the Suburban Journals
updated: 04/12/2004 01:15 PM

As if martial arts students in Collinsville did not have enough reason to admire their instructor, four medals - three gold and one silver – in international competition should do the trick. (Full Story)


Published: Friday, April 9, 2004
Section: Regional/Business Page: 1B
Caption: McArther won three gold medals in tae kwon do at the World Games in Athens, Greece.
By Elizabeth Donald

The best part about competing in the World Games wasn't bringing home three gold medals, according to Steve McArther. (Full Story)

Mrs. McArther

Mrs. Maria McArther

  • Vice-President, McArther's Tae Kwon Do & Fitness
  • Assistant Instructor
  • 1st Dan Kukkiwon Certified Black Belt
  • Demonstration Team Member/Manager
  • 2006 and 2019 Special Training at Kukkiwon and TaekwondoWon, South Korea
  • USNTF Certified Referee
  • Graduate of University of Missouri, St Louis; Biology
  • Quality Manager, Production Products

Ms. Juenger

Ms. Lena Juenger

  • Master Instructor
  • 4th Dan Kukkiwon Certified Black Belt
  • Demonstration Team Member
  • 2022 Special Training, USNTF Poomsae Camp
  • 2019 Special Training at Kukkiwon and TaekwondoWon, South Korea
  • Trumpet Section Leader in Collinsville High Schoole (CHS) marching band and concert band 2019-2020
  • Awarded best marcher for 3 years in marching band
  • President of music honor society, Secretary of math honor society, and Secretary of national honor society
  • Graduate of Collinsville High School in top 1% of class
  • Currently attending SIUE, majoring in Mechanical Engineering

Ms. Rodriguez

Ms. Vanessa Rodriguez

  • Assistant Instructor
  • 2nd Dan Kukkiwon Certified Black Belt
  • 2019 Special Training at Kukkiwon and TaekwondoWon, South Korea
  • Youngest Coordinator for Jornadas Holy Rosary (Adult Church Group), 2021 to present
  • 2018 Leo Club President and Founder
  • Class 1 Certificate of Completion (Hispanic Leadership Institute Program for Highschool Students)
  • Graduate of Collinsville High School
  • Currently attending SIUE, majoring in Applied Communications with a minor in Spanish