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Become a part of our fantastic community of youth and adults all working together to set and reach new goals.

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Courtesy, Integrity, Perseverance, Self-Control, Indomitable Spirit

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Learn the Way of the Korean Sword!

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Compeitition for sparring and forms.

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4 classes for $20

Introductory Special

Core Features and Benefits

  • Locally owned and operated.
  • Offers professional, consistent instruction taught by a Master Instructor.
  • Maintains the highest ethical and technical standards.
  • Promotes physical, mental and spiritual development.
  • Provides opportunities for local, state, national and international competition.
  • Offers a specialized demo team.
  • Affiliated with International Standards and Governing Bodies.
  • Affiliated with local Chambers of Commerce.
  • Participates in local community events and services.

Our Programs and Services

Offering the BEST martial arts experience including self -defense, competition, weapons, and fitness (CLICK TO EXPAND):

Defined as the Korean art of kicking and punching. Taekwondo's use of exciting kicking and striking techniques has made it the most popular martial art in the world. Student's will learn from the four major categories: forms, self defense, board breaking and sparring to improve coordination, strength, balance, mental focus, agility, behavior and life skils.

  • Tot's: 5 and 6 year olds.
  • Youth: 7 to 12 years olds.
  • Teen/Adult: 13 and up.
  • Programs available for as low as $100/mo.
  • Family discounts available.
  • Kukkiwon certifications for all Black Belts.
Click Here for our Introductory Program.

Defined as the way of the Korean sword, Koryo Gumdo is similar to Haidong Gumdo and Japanese Kendo. Koryo Gumdo is a beautiful martial art involving the use of the long sword...the same one used by the ancient Samurai and Hwarang warriors. Learn cuts, blocks, stances and the philosophy behind the use of the sword. McArther's Tae Kwon Do & Fitness offers the area's oldest and most established Gumdo program.

  • Traditional and modern sword techniques.
  • Ages: 13 and up.
  • Programs available for as low as $25/mo. when combined with any of our Taekwondo programs.
  • World Koryo Gumdo Association certifications.
Click Here for our Koryo Gumdo Flyer.

Defined as the Korean art of coordinated power - Although separate classes for Hapkido are not currently offered, many of our self defense techniques incorporate principles from Hapkido. While we do not teach MMA (Mixed Martial Arts) as you might see on TV, we do blend much of Hapkido into our Taekwondo program.

Prepare for martial arts competition in forms and sparring (USAT/WT rules) by attending these specialized workouts / practice sessions. These classes are open to competitors who want to learn how to compete and win local, regional and national tournaments. They are also open to those students that just want to improve their taekwondo skills and fitness level.

We also offer:

  • Customized Self-Defense seminars for your group or business.
  • Private lessons.
  • Martials arts gear and apparel.
  • Gift certificates.
  • Affordabel rates.


"...Master McArther has helped her athletically, but also with her self esteem. TKD is about so much more than punching and kicking. We are so happy we signed her up and she absolutely loves it! We highly recommend McArther's TKD & Fitness! "

– The Cary Family

"McArthers Tae Kwon Do has changed our lives. The difference in my sons self confidence, self worth, and overall behavior has improved so much since we started going here a few years ago. Master McArther is amazing with the kids and I couldn't thank him more! He truly cares about his students and is a wonderful and kind person. We look forward to many more years at the dojang!."

– Erica Koester

"I started training under Master McArther when I was 13. Tae Kwon Do completely changed my perspective on life, and Master McArther is such an amazing instructor who expects excellence from his students. You won't fail under his training."

– Audrey Shelton

"...Master McArther is clear and patient when giving instruction, but also motivates students to push themselves. Martial arts, combined with a healthy diet change, has helped me to lose 50lbs. I've also found that my stamina, endurance, and flexibility have increased greatly. If you need to be more active, classes at McArther's Taekwondo & Fitness is a fun and excellent way to exercise."

– Benjamin Asbeck

"McArther's Tae Kwon Do was the spark that got me into the best shape of my life and I have been an athlete most of my life. All the work didn't happen in the dojang but it continues to motivate me towards the future. At almost 52 yrs old, I am excited to see how good my fitness and Tae Kwon Do might get in the future. I encourage others thinking about giving it a try to give Grand Master McArther a chance to motivate and inspire you."

– Dr. Craig Staehle

At a Glance

Voted 2019, 2018, 2016 and 2015 "Best Martial Arts School", we are more than your standard martial arts school. We are fully committed to bringing you a truly WORLD-CLASS martial arts experience.

Our business philosophy has always been "operate with Integrity and Build Character by setting High Standards". We hold students accountable and encourage them work to reach their goals. We do not sell belts; never have, never will.

While setting high standards, we still maintain a friendly and family-style atmosphere. Master McArther gets to know everyone and treats each student as an individual. There is never an intimidating "gym" mentality. You will only find humility, respect and discipline.

Whether you need more information about our programs, have a general question, or just want to schedule a time to stop buy...give us a call at 618.345.2953.

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